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Los Angeles Intergroup - Service Positions

Being of service is one of the most important tools in our recovery, keeping us coming back and remaining sober.

To read detailed Information for each service position, download the L.A. Intergroup Service Manual.


Officers, Committee Chairs, Delegates and Board of Trustees all serve a one-year term unless otherwise noted below.  Here is the list of current officers:

L.A. Intergroup Officers for 2024
Secretary → Michael

Bottom Line Editor → 
Journal Representative → Lisa C

Webmaster → Alex
Literature Administrator → David H

Literature Assistant → Jed
Meeting Registrar → Matt

Virtual Meeting Registrar → Manuel

Treasurer → Mona

Treasurer Assistant → 
Record Keeper → Vic

H & I Chair → Max

IG Zoom Host → Sabby
Speakers List Keeper → 

Audio Library → 

Phone Line → Kylie

Literature Copier → TBD

Workshops and Retreats → Kelly

L.A. Intergroup Committee Chairs:

Audio Library Committee –> Terhys

Hospitals & Institutions (H & I) Committee  –> Max

Workshops and Retreats Committee –> Gil

F.W.S. Conference Committee Conduits:

Conference Literature Committee (CLC) Conduit –> Gil

Conference Diversity Committee (CDC) Conduit –> Dave G
Conference Translation Committee (CTC) Conduit –> Open
Conference Sponsorship Committee (CSPC) Conduit –> Glen F
Conference Steps, Traditions & Concepts Committee (CSTCC) Conduit –> Noah

ABM Delegates and Alternates:


2-yr term ABM delegate (thru 2024) –>  Glen F
2-yr term ABM delegate (thru 2024) –>  Gil

1-yr term ABM delegate (thru 2023) –>  Jayk

1-yr term ABM delegate (thru 2023) –>  Rachel
ABM alternate –> Max
ABM alternate –> Lenore

S.L.A.A. Los Angeles, Inc.  Nonprofit Board of Trustees & Officers:

Chair –> Glen F

Secretary –> Mona E.

Chief Financial Officer –> Diane H.

Board Member –> Dave G.

Board Member –> Claire C

Board Member –>  Jamie 

Board Member –>  (open)

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