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S.L.A.A. Audio Library 

The Audio Library Committee, a service body within S.L.A.A. Los Angeles Intergroup, publishes recorded "Speaker Shares" for the good of the international S.L.A.A. membership. Stories, interviews, personal testimony, and other content contained herein are spoken by members of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. 


Oversight and policy is provided in accordance with the Ninth Tradition. ​The opinions expressed in the recordings are not necessarily the opinions of The Augustine Fellowship, S.L.A.A. Los Angeles Intergroup, Inc., F.W.S. office, Annual Business Conference or any other Conference committee including the Audio Library Committee.


Click on the links below to listen to Speaker Recordings: 

        New Recordings Uploaded as of 4-25-23!

        J - 4-23-23 - 15 Min 11th Step Focus

        J - 4-22-23 - 45 Min Share at Irvine Meeting

        Kevin E 3-11-23

        Anonymous 11-13-22

        Sara S - 10.9.2022 - Women & Non-Binary Meeting


         Alan 12.25.2022


         M - Anorexia 12.6.2022

         M - Spirituality 8.24.2022

         Ana 8.17.2022

M - Healthy Relationships 6.12.2022

         Robin 6.9.2022

         Glen 6.2.2022

         Chris 5.19.2022


         Nel 4.28.2022

         Tamera 4.14.2022


         Oscar 4.07.2022

         Rachel 11.04.2021

Marty - 11.11.2021

Suzanne - 5.28.2021

J - 4.8.2021

         Nel - 1.20.2021

         Rose B - 1.6.2021 

Lenore 11.28.2020 (Recovery during the holidays)

Maddy  9.28.20

Justine: For the Newcomer 6.17.20

Justine's Story 5.30.20

Glenn S. - 45 Minute Share 

​Becca - 6.7.2020

Glenn S. - Newcomer Meeting

Glenn S. - Fantasy Meeting 5.23.2020  

Laura - 5.30.2020

Joe M. - A Sexual Anorexic 4.23.2020

To contact the Audio Library Committee, send an email to audio (at) or use the form on the contact page. 

Giving a Speech
Audio Available from Fellowship-Wide Services

Our parent organization, Fellowship-Wide Services (F.W.S.), has resources available for purchase by mail, & by download from their website - some for purchase, and some free! You can find  CD selections, MP3's and also MP3 Audio Issues of The Journal.


Click on the links below:  


Recovery Audio:

Audio - Basic Text

Audio Issues of The Journal

Listen to FREE audio from the S.L.A.A. Convention 2019

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