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Los Angeles Intergroup Is back In-person! 


Second Sunday of the month starting at 3:30 PM

2930 Hyperion Ave.

Los Angeles, 90027

To place orders for pick-up at the Los Angeles Intergroup meeting, fill out the form below. The list of items will be emailed to the Literature Rep.  You can pay for the order when you pick it up from Intergroup, or use Venmo or PayPal:

Venmo-QR-code .webp



1.)  Select the items you want below.

2.)  Scroll down to the bottom of the page, to finalize your order and submit the form.  This will send the list of items to the Literature Rep email.  -- You can also simply email your list to literature (at)

3.)  Arrive at the Intergroup Meeting 15 minutes early to pay for & pick up your order.

S.L.A.A. Literature Order Form
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