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S.L.A.A. Fellowship-Wide Services (F.W.S.)

1550 NE Loop 410, Ste 118

San Antonio, TX 78209

Telephone (210) 828-7900
Facsimile (210) 828-7922


The Fellowship Wide Services Office fulfills our primary purpose as stated in Tradition Five, "to carry the S.L.A.A. message to the sex and love addict who still suffers". F.W.S. handles the following:

  • Provides worldwide meeting information to newcomers, to members moving or traveling to other locations, as well as to other interested parties via the website, telephone, mail and e-mail. Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm CST.

  • Maintains a database of worldwide Groups, Intergroups, Lone Groups, group contacts, meeting times and dates via the F.W.S. website. In addition keeps separate databases for Conference members, Committee members and F.W.S. Newsletter subscribers.

  • Gives free information to potential newcomers as well as to professionals who may be interested in further information about S.L.A.A.

  • Provides/Updates group starter kits and assists new groups in getting started.

  • Publishes the F.W.S. Newsletter with the help of several people and committees approximately four times per year. The F.W.S. Newsletter is distributed via e-mail or hard copy for anyone that does not have access to email.

  • Provides a place for groups and Intergroups to turn to for feedback and information to provide to our members and to those seeking help.

  • Supports Conference Committees in their work such as helping provide prison outreach to correctional institutes, assist with production of the Journal and creating new recovery products/tools and new literature.

  • Publishes and ships more than 80,000 pieces of S.L.A.A. literature and recovery tools a year including 18 pamphlets, 6 Journal Focus booklets, the S.L.A.A. Basic Text in softbound and e_book and audio CD formats, and the bi-monthly publication, The Journal, with more than 250 digital and print subscribers.

  • Responds to national and international media and the professional community inquiries via the Board Outreach Committee and the F.W.S. staff.

  • Sponsors the Annual Business Conference and Meeting (ABC/M). This involves securing a site, handling logistics, securing housing, food and audio/visual equipment, handling all aspects of pre and onsite registration, administering the Travel Equalization Fund, obtaining local volunteer help, running the auction, processing all monies, and attending to anything that may arise when sponsoring a conference.

  • Has to be maintained so that all of the above can happen. Employees handle all facets of the office operations including: purchasing of supplies, equipment and merchandise, production of merchandise, creating a budget and monitoring it, all accounting and tax functions, and adherence to government guidelines regarding administration of a non-profit organization.

  • Is fully self-supporting according to Tradition Seven. The F.W.S. Office does NOT accept any contributions from outside sources. It relies entirely on contributions from groups and their members to support its functioning as well as the sales of S.L.A.A. Conference approved literature.

Individual Contributions to Fellowship Wide Services

If you are a member of S.L.A.A., you can help F.W.S. to continue to provide these services by making a contribution to them directly. Online contributions and more information about contributing can be found on the F.W.S. website

If you have questions or would like more information on S.L.A.A.

• Call 210-828-7900
• Fax 210-828-7922

• Email:
• Mail: 

The Augustine Fellowship

1550 NE Loop 410, Ste 118

San Antonio TX 78209

Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm CT.

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