S.L.A.A. Los Angeles
In-Person Meeting Registrar


The Meeting Registrar keeps a current list of all IN-PERSON S.L.A.A. meetings in the Los Angeles Area, and the contact information for each meeting's Intergroup Representative. 

NOTICE: Due to L.A.'s "Safer at Home",  we currently are not publishing the list of "In-Person" meetings. Check back here for updates.  


To contact the Registrar with any new information regarding IN-PERSON meetings, or to get information for the Intergroup Meetings, please email:

registrar (at) slaalosangeles.org

S.L.A.A. Los Angeles 
Virtual Meeting Registrar


Due to L.A.'s "Safer at Home",  we currently have a number of online/"virtual" meetings !


To contact the Virtual Meetings Registrar please send an email to virtualmeetings (at) slaalosangeles.org

or use the form on the Contact Page.

To add a new Virtual Meeting to the list, or change any information about your meeting including the contact person listed, please fill out these forms to: 

Virtual Meeting ADD/CHANGE form