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S.L.A.A. Annual Business Conference/Meeting 
The Annual Business Conference (ABC) is the once a year event at which S.L.A.A. members and other members of our service structure convene to conduct the Annual Business Meeting (ABM).

Once a year, delegates from SLAA intergroups around the world meet together to vote on major issues in SLAA as a whole. Los Angeles sends four delegates to represent our interests at this Annual Business Meeting which will take place this August. If you want to make sure the LA Delegates know how you feel about the issues at hand, and are truly speaking on your behalf.

The 2023 ABC/M will be held in Orange County, California August 1-4. Some Information and the first agenda is available here

The S.L.A.A. Conference is the collective decision-making group conscience of our Fellowship, made up of S.L.A.A. members like you from Intergroups all over the world.  The Annual Business Conference/Meeting (ABC/M) is the annual four-day event where the decisions that shape the future of S.L.A.A. are made. The Conference gathers to elect members of the Board of Trustees and to reach a group conscience on an ABC/M Agenda containing Motions and Items for Discussion (IFDs) submitted by members.

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