S.L.A.A. Annual Business Conference/Meeting 

2020 S.L.A.A. Virtual ABC/M - Will Take Place Friday, July 31, 2020 via Zoom


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The Annual Business Conference (ABC) is the once a year event at which S.L.A.A. members and other members of our service structure convene to conduct the Annual Business Meeting (ABM).


Traditionally, the ABM refers to the in-person business conducted during General Assemblies over a four-day period. Due to COVID-19, a virtual one-day portion of the ABC/M is organized this year to conduct the essential business of the Fellowship and elect three members to the Board of Trustees and confirm any appointments for vacant positions. The 2020 ABM Agenda will be addressed at the 2021 ABC/M. Motions and Items for Discussion can still be submitted Here.


Nominations for the BOT are being accepted until June 28, 2020. There will be no floor nominations at the Virtual ABC/M.  

The S.L.A.A. Conference is the collective decision-making group conscience of our Fellowship, made up of S.L.A.A. members like you from Intergroups all over the world.  The Annual Business Conference/Meeting (ABC/M) is the annual four-day event where the decisions that shape the future of S.L.A.A. are made. The Conference gathers to elect members of the Board of Trustees and to reach a group conscience on an ABC/M Agenda containing Motions and Items for Discussion (IFDs) submitted by members. 

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