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NOTICE: Due to L.A.'s "Safer at Home" response to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we currently are not publishing the list of "In-Person" meetings. Check back here for updates. In the meantime, try an online meeting!



Click here for Google Drive with list of meetings, instructions and meeting docs/readings


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Resources for Virtual Attendees  

The Google Drive holds the list of upcoming meetings, meeting format/ leader script, and other readings & handouts.  These are handy to have open during meetings, and you may be asked by the leader to read the Steps, Characteristics, etc. It also includes a document with suggestions for ZOOM Meeting anonymity. 

Virtual Meeting Format

Meetings will be hosted via video conferencing platforms (primarily Zoom). Detailed instructions about how to participate in each meeting can also be found in the Google Drive, but usually it's as simple as clicking a link! Meetings will be 1 hour unless otherwise specified. 

Meeting Etiquette / Anonymity

In order to maintain a safe virtual space for everyone, we ask that individuals be mindful of behavior and content that may be triggering to others’ addictions:

  • SCREEN NAMES: Please be sure that your screen name is your first name, or first name and last initial only. This can be changed from your Zoom screen by clicking on Participants, finding your name, and clicking “Rename”. 

  • VISUAL TRIGGERS: Please be mindful of your physical location, and anything else on your screen that may be triggering to others. 

  • CONFIDENTIALITY: During the meeting, please use headphones if there is anyone in your vicinity who may be able to hear the meeting. Hosts should set meetings to NOT record.

  • CROSS-TALK: In order to maintain the boundaries of safety, we ask that all members be considerate and refrain from cross-talking or advice-giving. In this virtual space, we ask that you maintain these same guidelines in the chat window and be considerate about messaging individuals or the group while someone is sharing.

Be safe, and keep coming back!

 Read the letter on Covid-19 from F.W.S.

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